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Water/Sewer Systems

Water and Wastewater Engineering Services at Bluewater assist clients with the planning, design, and construction of water and wastewater facilities. Substantial pressures from population increases mandate that older systems be updated and new systems constructed. Of critical importance in any new development is the establishment of an adequate source of drinking water and a method to dispose of sanitary sewer wastewater. Federal, state, and local laws have been enacted that establish strict rules and regulations for the permitting, construction, and operation of wastewater facilities. Rules established for new and expanded facilities include an assessment of existing natural resources, strict adherence to design standards, and regimented testing procedures during their operation. Bluewater Engineering Services can provide the professional surveyors, environmental specialists, engineers, and construction managers to guide the owners of these facilities through this environmental regulatory process.

Our services vary from needs assessments and master planning to final construction and permitting documents. Providing these services are experienced professional engineers and engineering technicians. 


  • Water system distribution piping design

  • Well design

  • Water storage tank design

  • Gravity sewer systems

  • Sewer lift stations and force main design

  • Septic system design

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